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Does anyone know who manufactures a 14", 15" or 16" compound mitre saw, preferably sliding?

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Need to cut 6" cedar logs (not true 6….probably 5 1/2).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks for all the answers so far, but I’ve tried all these options. The largest that is commonly found is 12" sliding compound mitre. They do not cut the logs…actually have about a 4 3/4" cut size. I’ve gone to all the usual sites…makita, dewalt, ryobi, etc, etc but no one makes anything larger than 12".

Any other suggestions?


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  1. DIY Doc Says:

    Have you done a general WWW search?

    Sounds like commercial mill equipment to me, and to cut that size, the blade sizes you mention are a bit of overkill.

    Steven Wolf

    You might find suggestions in this general search link
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    45 plus years as a contractor

  2. Says:

    Go get the long one (24" I think)then have it cut to the length you want at a metal shop. That’s easier than stretching one !
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  3. Tom S Says:

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  4. William B Says:

    try lowes, menards, homedepot, get a 15 inch or a 16 iinch that will cut a 6 inch log,
    look up black&decker, dewalt, try harbor
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    maint man

  5. hightopp2006 Says:

    All you need to do, go to Lowe’s ask for a compound miter slider saw.

    LLC Home Builder
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  6. thewrangler_sw Says:

    Have you considered using a sliding compound miter saw?

    I know that DeWalt, Hitachi, and Bosch all make a 12 inch model…they run $400 to $600 new.

    Good Luck
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  7. mrrosema Says:

    I guess you want a fine cut at the end of your logs, otherwise a chain saw would be fine. You could start with a 12 inch mitre saw and finish with a circular saw. Get good at on some scrap and then roll on to the logs. If this is for more than a hundred logs then you may need go to commercial saw mill area.
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    140mm = 5.5 inches

  8. big_mustache Says:

    I believe Milwaukee makes a 14" saw. Why not use a beam saw? Similar to a Skilsaw but uses a 16" blade.
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  9. split dog Says:

    Makita has a 14"
    Might also look into Harbor Freight or a timber framing tool site.
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